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Updated: Jan 12

CEO: Starr Greenfield, 29 Industry: Community Relations URL:

Favor Friday's Mission:

FavorFridays is a community ministry that is devoted to showing Favor over those experiencing homelessness and/or unforeseen hardships. My idea in creating Favor Fridays was to spread love & light just as God loves and shines over & through Us (His People).

In order to do so, Favor Fridays fundraises and collects monthly hygiene products, food items and monetary donations to help distribute during monthly giving experiences! After collecting donations, donated monetary funds, are used to buy the needed hygiene products to make hygiene bags which includes the following but not limited to: body soap, toothpaste, toothbrushes, deodorant, Shampoo, toilet tissue, wipes, socks, underwear, feminine products, and sleeping bags. In addition to this service, I also cook or purchase food to disperse as well. This also gives donors an opportunity to share their favor through donating cooked lunches to feed and nourish our people.

Biggest Competitors:

In the world of service, I don’t believe there are competitors because we all have a common goal of increasing our community and ultimately making our world a better place. Personally, I aspire to inspire others to tap into their purposes. Learning and acting on your purpose will create your opportunity and open doors that are specifically outlined for you which eliminates the idea of having competition. As they say, there’s no competition when you’re in your own lane!

Challenges is Serviced Based Industry:

I believe the biggest challenge in the service industry is the increase in homelessness, especially in today’s climate. People are losing their jobs, homes, and in some instances, their sanity. Although our government receives/creates funding to assist, some may question whether they’re doing enough. This is where organizations like Favor Fridays come in to play. As regular members of society, we understand the importance of coming together to increase our community to make change because we live here and see the differences in how minorities are treated compared to those of higher social classes. Nevertheless, we all deserve the same love, opportunity and assistance which pushes Favor Fridays to go harder for Our FF Family! This also shows the importance of not giving into the idea of there being any competition because we need as much help/service from other community organizations so that we’re able to service increasing at risk populations around our city. In times like this, it definitely takes a village to raise and better the village.

Favorite Advertising Platform: Instagram & Facebook

Instagram & Facebook has definitely been beneficial for Favor Fridays. Most of our donors support Favor Fridays through these platforms making it easier to donate, keep up to date with our works and visuals on how their donations are assisting their city.

2021 Favor Friday's Updates:

If you would like to support us, you may Visit Our Website,, Follow Our Instagram, @FavorFridays ;; and/or Contribute Your Donation via Cashapp $StarrLG / Venmo @StarrLG /! Donation Supplies such as Hygiene Supplies, Beanies, Socks & Throw Blankets are also Welcomed & Encouraged!

Thank You in Advance for Your Support.

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