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Updated: Jan 12

CEO: Jourdan Clark, 23 Industry: Beauty URL:

Glaze Skin Care Mission:

Our company’s mission is to enhance the inner glow we’ve already been birthed with. At so many twists and turns, people dim their light, we make a product to enhance it. Our vision is to remind people of different nationalities, gender, and more of their inner glow and to Glaze themselves with the confidence of being authentically themselves.

Competitors and Differences:

I honestly don’t look at them as my competitors because I want to see them win as well but businesses that I’d compare the journey with would be Skin Butter and Buttah Skin by Dorian Renaud. Glaze differs from them because of the long-lasting effects, I’ve had customers with eczema see it disappear, dark circles become erased, and a product and scent that is long-lasting from the beginning to the end of the day. My product is unique because of the amount of love and focus I put into it.

Beauty Industry 5 Year Challenges:

I would say that the biggest challenge would just be remaining consistent. There are so many skincare companies and newly created black businesses that sell the same product, but it’s all about how you market. There’s a seat at the table for everyone if people are willing to make the space available. Inclusivity is a large issue around the board; I'm hoping the respect for small businesses grows so large it makes waves in the largest ocean.

Favorite Advertising Platform: Twitter

For me, Twitter has been the shining star! Instagram has its moments but from my Juneteenth sales and posts alone, I had millions of views on Twitter, so many people showing support, me selling out of products, the list goes on. I’m honestly just grateful that people support and invest in my business.

2021 Glaze Skin Updates:

* Glaze Skincare will be adding body oils, scrubs, and face masks to our brand throughout the new year as well as different sized jars of shea butter!

* The Glaze Initiative will also host its first forum for mental health surrounded around middle school and high school students to talk about their troubles and effective ways of meditation and peace therapy!

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