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Known dearly as Morgan by some and Wray by the streets, this heavy hitter has taken the Los Angeles rap game by storm with her aggressively sexy lyrics, wicked demeanor and determination to be the next big female MC of our generation.

With hot singles such as "Foolery", "Freak Bitch" and the poppin' "Wray and Friends Intro", Wray has built a personalized lane and is emerging into her own. From Los Angeles, CA, the culture of LA has always been important to her image, but nothing means more to her than staying true to herself.

I always like to know a little more about artists and how they gained their starts. Not surprisingly, her story is breathtakingly shocking, as she hasn't been at this very long, and is extremely impactful to the culture of LA.

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One evening, vibin' with her friends, her manager and best friend, Ty, CEO of RICHFITZLA, suggested she start rapping. This conversation has probably been had over 1,000 a day in LA County, with little to no followthrough. Two weeks later, Wray was already in the studio, hustling, writing and trying the find her sound. With only a year in the game, she has gained a huge fanbase that stretches past the west coast, all the way to the East.

Now her hustle doesn't start and end with rap. Wray has been holding it down for years, working multiple jobs, giving to the community, buying black owned brands and supporting her fellow friends and associates with the promotion of their business, solidifying "Support Yours" as her slogan. ALL the lingerie pieces are black owned, by brands "PoppinL" and "Vanity's Body Lingerie". Her turn is upcoming and the streets are ready to give back.

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I had the pleasure of shooting Wray on 12/20, right in the heart of Los Angeles. Upon meeting her, the gold jewelry, long ponytail and flashy nails gave me nothing but the vibe of LA, which to me, is where luxury meets hood in the most perfect cocktail. Thick, milk chocolate and full of light, Wray was nothing of what I expected: she was better.

She has a certain energy that cannot be manufactured, duplicated or created; only manifested. She has a calming aura, which I definitely needed, seeing as I was surprisingly nervous to meet her. Aging like a fine wine, her career is just getting started. Add that to her amazing personality, I'm sure we will be seeing a lot more of Wray in our immediate future.

Her most admirable character trait? humility. She's never too good for anything, she loves seeing others reaching for their goals and she is unknowingly inspiring and motivating. She is extremely grateful, humbled and excited by her past, present and future. She has dreams to work with other California artists, boasting that Kamiyah is a feature she cannot wait to attain. When an associate offered to send a word in, she declined. Stating that if she doesn't get it on her own, it won't hold as much weight. "I want her to work with me for me, I want to earn it. If I get that nod I know I'm working in the right direction."

I'm humbled and grateful for the opportunity she afforded me and I am excited to see what more she feeds the streets. Congratulations, Queen. No one is more deserving than you.

Be on the lookout for Wray & Friends, a newly released project showcasing not only her talent, but the talent of her friends. This ain't the end of her reign, Wray is just getting started.

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